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How eukaryotic organisms came into existence

How eukaryotic organisms came into existence Living systems (LST) are self-organising systems that interact with the environment. Flows of information, energy and matter maintain these systems in order and balance. Miller (1978) defines LST as a set of related definitions, assumptions, and propositions which deal with reality as an integrated hierarchy of organizations of matter and energy. LST is as an excellent and powerful tool in aiding an individual to understand and interpret reality, especially its living part. However when it comes to intervention, design and change, the LST gives little or no guidance concerning what to do and what actions and approaches to select. So although the LST provides extensive amount of knowledge in regards to life and living systems nevertheless it mentions nothing to do with that knowledge. Multicellular organisms are thought to have evolved at least 1.7 billion years ago; organisms consisted of many or more than one cell which have interdependent cells (differentiated cells) that perform s pecialised functions in an organism. Examples of multicellular organisms are humans, plants and animals which can be seen by the naked eye. Cells are separated into two main classes primarily by whether they contain a nucleus. Prokaryotic cells (bacteria) lack a nuclear envelope whereas eukaryotic cells have a nucleus in which genetic material is split from the cytoplasm. In general prokaryotic cells are smaller and simpler than eukaryotic cells. In addition to the absence of a nucleus prokaryotic genomes are less complex and they do not contain organelles in its cytoplasm or cytoskeleton. In spite of all these differences, the same basic molecular mechanisms manage the lives of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes which indicate that all present-day cells have descended or evolved over time. The endosymbiotic theory explains and provides evidence of cell evolution which claims that bacteria cells evolved to animal and plant cells by phagocytosis through a process called endosymbiosis. [endo=inside; sym=together; bio=life]. Symbiosis describes the close relationship between two or more organisms of different species, where they are not always benefiting each member. The relationship of algae and fungi in lichens and of bacteria living in the intestines or on the skin of animals are forms of symbiosis. Some scientists believe that many multicellular organisms evolved from symbiotic relationships between unicellular ones and that the DNA-containing organelles within certain eukaryotic cells (such as mitochondria and chloroplasts) are the product of symbiotic relationships in which the participants became interdependent. A significant step in the breakthrough of the evolution of eukaryotic cells was the knowledge gained of membrane-enclosed sub-cellular organelles, allowing the progress of the complexity characteristic of these cells. The organelles are thought to have been acquired as a result of the relationship of prokaryotic cells eukaryotes. Studies show that the theory of endosymbiosis shows evidence that origin of mitochondria and chloroplasts which are organelles of eukaryotic cells are thought to have evolved from bacteria living in larger cells. Both chloroplast and mitochondria are similar to bacteria in size and like bacteria they reproduce by a process called binary fission. The American microbiologist Lynn Margulis formulated the endosymbiosis theory that mitochondria and chloroplasts evolved from prokaryotic bacteria. Although now an acknowledged theory and biologist, she and her theory were rejected by many biologists for a number of years, her breakthrough came due to her persistence, and vast amounts of research and data gathered by her and many other biologists over the last 30 years. The discovery of mitochondria having similarities in structures played a key role in making her theory widely accepted by the science world. According to her hypothesis these mitochondria and chloroplasts originated as separate prokaryotic organisms that were taken inside the cell as endosymbionts. Mitochondria evolved from aerobic bacteria (proteobacteria) and chloroplasts from photosynthetic bacteria (cyanobacteria). The contraction of aerobic bacteria would have provided an anaerobic cell with the ability to carry out oxidative metabolism. The acquisition of photosynthetic bacteria would have provided the nutritional freedom given by the ability to perform photosynthesis. The Endosymbiotic theory proposes that mitochondria and chloroplasts were once prokaryotic cells, living inside larger host cells. The prokaryotes were known to have been ingested in the larger cell but somehow escaping digestion. It is not known for the reason why they were ingested and interned but purely for advantageous reasons to the host cells which ingested them. The endosymbionts provided crucial nutrients to the host cell by chloroplasts and the mitochondria helping to have exploit oxygen from extracting energy. The endosymbionts were protected with in a safe environment inside the host cell which they lived for many millions of years. Charles Darwin (1809-1882) theory of natural selection which we know today from the famous quote of Survival of the fittest supports the endosymbiosis theory. Early eukaryotic cells gained an advantage over their neighbours, once mitochondria (high energy source), were ingested in larger host cells. Mitochondria and their hosts increasingly were relying more and more on each other to survive. Eventually, neither could succeed alone but as a force united they produced millions of descendents, establishing a whole new domain of life. Both organelles are surrounded by two or more membranes where the innermost of the membranes show differences in composition from other membranes of the cell. The composition is like that of a prokaryotes cell membrane, while the outer membrane may have formed from food vacuoles as the host cell devoured the prokaryote. The inner membrane of these mitochondria and chloroplasts contains enzymes and transport systems, showing more similarities to that of prokaryotes. The inner membrane of mitochondria has a larger surface area which arose due to the inner layer being folded into what is called cristae. This is turn means that there is more area for the respiratory reaction occur in the organelle. Mitochondria can be found in they cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells similar to shape and size to chloroplasts. The primary function of mitochondria is the production of ATP which is an energy source vital for the proper functioning and survival of the organelle. The outer membrane is a relatively simple phospholipid bilayer, ions, nutrients; ATP, ADP, etc. can pass through with ease. The matrix is where diffusion happens, this is a very slow process due to the folds of the cristae, the matrix is close to the inner membrane, resulting in the diffusion rate to the inner membrane complexes and transport proteins within a short time. Chloroplasts are only found in plants, with a similar function to that of mitochondria, where they both provide energy in the cell. There appearance is that of flattened discs, using a process called photosynthesis to extract carbon dioxide from the surrounding and converting and releasing as oxygen to form glucose, which is stored a starch a food source. Chloroplasts are complex organelles which differ to those of mitochondria, as chloroplasts have there a double membrane called the chloroplast envelope and membranes of thylakoids inside. Chlorophyll is vital and is found in thylakoids membranes in the chloroplast, it is a coloured pigment which converts light energy for photosynthesis. Thylakoids are fluid-filled sacs stacked up in the chloroplast to form structures called grana. Grana which are flat thin pieces of thylakoids membrane are linked together by lamellae. Mitochondria and chloroplasts both have their own DNA molecules. Their DNAs are not duplicates of nuclear DNA but their DNA is exclusive and vital to the mitochondrion or the chloroplast. Genes are carried by mitochondrial DNA; these genes are replicated each time the organelle divides, and the genes they encode are transcribed within the organelle and translated on the organelle ribosomes. Thus mitochondria and chloroplasts contain there own genetic systems, which are distinct and dissimilar to the genetic material of nucleus. Unlike the DNA in the nucleus, mitochondrial and chloroplast DNAs are exposed and circular similar to that of a prokaryotic cells DNA. Genes of the nucleus can not duplicate these. Each organelle has its own ribosomes; these ribosomes are different to those found in the cytoplasm of a cell. The proteins coded for by the mitochondrial genes are produced by mitochondrial ribosomes, and those coded for by the chloroplast genes are produced by chloroplast ribosomes. These ribosomes are more closely related to those of bacteria that those encoded by the nuclear genomes of eukaryotes. Bacteria show more similarities to these organelles as size is also a similarity. To conclude on the question on discuss how eukaryotic organisms came into existence, I believe that the evidence and information regarding the theory of endosymbiosis is reliable but not 100% valid as there are many counter arguments to Lynn Marguliss theory. Numerous studies of DNA show that in fact mitochondria and chloroplasts do not show many similarities that of prokaryotes. For instance neither mitochondria nor chloroplasts can survive in oxygen or outside of the cell indicating that the cell would have lost many vital genes on the way. However both mitochondria and chloroplast are similar in size to prokaryotes, they lack a normal nucleus found in eukaryotic cells but have circular DNA which lacks histones similar to that of eukaryotic cells. Also symbiosis supports the fact that the host cells became dependant on the organelles which it ingested and the lack of DNA within the nucleus and the organelles having their own DNA explains that they would have been independent cells. Both organelles reproduce by division in a process called binary fission, prokaryotic cells also reproduce the same way. On the other hand there are many questions still to be answered. How did the cell manage to reproduce in such a tight space and inside another cell? How did the DNA of the ingested cell pass into the hosts DNA, as the DNA should have been blocked as the host would have responded by degrading the foreign DNA and detect it as a virus. However this can be counter argued against as similarities in structure of both organelles can prokaryotic cells can be explained by their functions and processes and not through their structures. In photosynthesis both chloroplast and cyanobacteria convert carbon dioxide and water with light energy into glucose and oxygen. Nevertheless there is more evidence to sustain the endosymbiotic hypothesis; the evidence outweighs the questions and arguments against. Lynn Margulis theory of endosymbiosis is widely used and accepted by the scientists and science world of today and the more valid and important ideas of the origin and evolution of the cell are of creationists. Finally I agree with the argument that some eukaryotic cells have derived and evolved from prokaryotes and the theory of endosymbiosis seems valid and vital in the way we understand evolution of the cell today. ( ( (

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Why Is Reality T.V. so Popular?

Why Is Reality T. V. So Popular? It would be difficult to find an hour of the day when a reality television show isn’t on. What exactly is the appeal of reality television that has so many viewers completely hooked? Why has the popularity of reality TV spanned all socio-economic statuses, age groups, and education levels? Perhaps it’s the unscripted glimpse you get into other people’s lives that helps take the focus off present troubles, or makes everyone’s day to day lives seem a little less â€Å"crazy. Whatever it is that draws reality TV fans in, this fairly new phenomenon has certainly taken the entertainment industry by storm. Let’s take a look at some possible reasons the popularity of reality TV continues to grow. Voyeurism . It's the reason traffic backs up when there's a horrific car crash – we just want to look. Reality stars have the lack of embarrassment we often wish we had, but more often than not, are glad we don't. Admit it. In your head you've smacked a thousand snotty girls or meat headed guys across the face.We all dream of having an excuse to get into a fist fight, just to show what we've got. Well reality stars have found their excuse – the camera – and we'll keep watching as long as they've got punches to throw I don't think I'm taking a huge leap here by saying that reality TV stars aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Let's remember that these are people who are knowingly exploiting their personal lives for a little cash and fifteen minutes of fame. Reality stars can, however, be depended upon for one thing.When a delicate situation arises, that requires proper judgment, clear thinking, and caution, reality stars will without failure, make the wrong choice. This is great for us because we can learn from them. We can learn what not to do in almost any situation, and their flagrant disregard for logic, can be our guiding light. Our daily lives require a lot of mental energy. Our j obs our stressful and challenging, and often our personal lives are even worse. Our minds are constantly being taxed and drained.Who wants to come home and escape by turning on entertainment with substance? I don't know about you, but after a long day of thinking, I can't handle substance. I want fluff – pure, unadulterated fluff. The less I have to think to understand what I'm watching the better, and luckily, reality TV requires no thought at all. The popularity of reality TV shouldn't come as a surprise considering the fact that we live in a culture that worships vanity, rather than virtue, and lives by the mantra of ‘He with the most toys lives,' rather than ‘He with the most joys lives. It's been said that circumstances don't make a man, they only reveal him. Likewise, reality TV is merely a reflection of what our society has become – a materialistically driven society where the love of power and money overcomes the power of love. It's a reflection of a society that is not only devoid of a solid wholesome value system, but is also separated from spiritual roots. It's also a culture that thrives on living on the edge, characterized by thrill-seeking and addictions.

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The Do This, Get That Guide On Best Friend Essay Samples

The Do This, Get That Guide On Best Friend Essay Samples Dogs desire a social life too! Breeds meant to act in a sure role are no longer needed. Children with Down syndrome have a tough time forming friendships. Ok, I Think I Understand Best Friend Essay Samples, Now Tell Me About Best Friend Essay Samples! The simple fact of the issue is there are not many universal truths that are undisputed, and friends and family, for the large part, can only speak to their very own feelings and experiences. Your friend is being re-defined facing your eyes, and you need to know more. There isn't anybody else far better to steer you down the proper path. At exactly the same time proved always thinking something similar or have precisely the same idea. Best Friend Essay Samples: the Ultimate Convenience! If you sometimes face silence when you're in the organization, Attempt to come up with a conversation with friends and family by obeying this list of questions. Unknown If you're looki ng for the best quotes and memes to share with the men and women you love (or simply want to truly feel inspired yourself), look no more! Social media including Facebook and Twitter also have resulted in a drop in the quantity of private communication experienced in everyday life, and serves to make emotional attachments more complicated to accomplish. This type of friendship is when someone wishes the very best for the other person no matter both of the other forms. Still, every one of them would show up in the overall list. Do what you can to concentrate on yourself and what you're doing with your life rather than worrying about what the other person is left up to. The ideal example of being a true buddy of book can be viewed while long journeys when an individual doesn't have anything to do except to sit and await his destination. The Rise of Best Friend Essay Samples Given the gain in the range of such blogs and websites, there's almost an eighty percent chance that you will discover a critical analysis essay on the subject you are going to write on. There is an assortment of techniques to strategy the task literature sample of essay-writing, and these are merely a few pointers for methods to compose a superior English essay and a few of these pointers may also do the job for different disciplines and subjects, too. Stu dying evaluation, nevertheless, is the action of studying to extract info. Read our customers' reviews and feedbacks. Understanding Best Friend Essay Samples If you're feeling depressed or empty without, then maybe you need a very best friend. It's difficult to find a friend like that. My very best friend is the person who brings out the finest in me. Possessing a very best friend is the same manner. Best Friend Essay Samples Fundamentals Explained The easiest method is to train with your dog. It may appear impossible to attempt to find superior food that's genuinely beneficial for your dog's appetite and is inside your budget. Actually, so a lot of the traits that dog owners love about purebreds set the animal at a larger risk for multiple health related troubles. The wholesome coats, immunity and muscles depend on particular amino acids which can only be supplied by the animal-based protein supply. Friendships are complex things, and just since there are no 2 friendsh ips which are exactly alike, there's no comprehensive set of rules that will do the job for everybody. Conventional wisdom suggests that good friendships enhance a person's sense of happiness and general well-being. Or maybe you have to find happiness without a bestfriend. As we mature, however, the character of our friendships changes. Friendships end for several reasons. For young people, they may end as a result of acceptance into new social groups. Quality friendships lead a person to feel more comfortable with her or his private identity. Friendship of Utility is the sort of friendship where folks use one another for a specific function. The Battle Over Best Friend Essay Samples and How to Win It Numerous theories have attempted to explain this hyperlink. They may use nicknames and diminutive types of their initial names. However, it was not impossible, either. In the usa, many kinds of relationships are deemed friendships.

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Buying A House New Goals - 942 Words

By nature, humans are always looking for new challenges and mountains to climb. Buying a house for the first or second time, moving into a new job or position, moving from one neighborhood to another, as example can all be part of new goals to pursue. Now it is a good time to think what is next. It should mean planning a new moving experience or, on the contrary, deciding to stay in the new place for a long time, getting married or divorced, growing the family, getting into a new professional field, starting a business, joining a sport club, buying a house or a car, and so on. Return or Stay Even though the transition to the new life is finished, return or stay are always a big and permanent question in the mind of immigrants. This idealistic idea remain even after realizing that the new place, now called home, is much better and offers more opportunities for the family. This analysis is sometimes necessary to clarify or re-estate new goals. Returning home after certain number of years, staying for extended periods or moving to a different city or country can be also a decision made by the employer. Evaluation of advantages or disadvantages, before deciding to move again in any situation, must take in account current the job position, income, costs of relocating, and personal, family and professional goals. New Permits or Immigration Status Some countries extend work or other temporary permits several times. It is important to keep in mind expiry dates and prepare andShow MoreRelatedThe Sigma Project1678 Words   |  7 PagesFor the last several years, the one issue that has been bringing the United States into a state of trouble that it has not been seen since the great depression has been the monstrous Foreclosure problem. Thousands of people have lost their houses. Thousands of people have faced the dangers of debt and chaos. Thousands of people lives have been ruined because of the mistakes that Americans have done in this nation. In order to solve the problem, one must take a look at how it started and how thisRead MoreRenting A House On The World Of Home Ownership843 Words   |  4 PagesBuying a home is unlike any other purchase in a consumer’s life. The investment is a major decision, both for an individual’s future and their finances, and gathering the courage to make it is challenging under any circumstances--much less after an extreme financial crisis. But there are many viable solutions to the challenges that â€Å"boomerang buyers† are facing today, including (but not limited to) the option of renting-to-own. These strategies enable people who were once â€Å"foreclosure victims† toRead MoreThe American Dream859 Words   |  4 Pagesof the ‘American Dream’ has changed dramatically over the past couple decades. Originally, the ideal American Dream consisted of marriage, children, a stable job with a high enough income to save and invest, and buying a house for the family. Subsequent of the Great Recession, buying a house is not as desirable or even feasible for the millennial generation. Millennials are interested in a different American Dream, focused on receiving an education and making enough money to pay the bills. There areRead MoreAnalysis Of Residential Housing Markets1060 Words   |  5 Pagesto June 2017. While researching the Auckland property market trends and changes over the last year I discovered three articles published by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand discussing the trends and why these trends were occurring. On the 7th of July 2016, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand released a report on the housing markets in New Zealand which stated that housing prices were increasing at a rate of 15-20% in Auckland and the surrounding areas. This was some of the highest inflation rates everRead MoreThe Personal Finance Course Essay947 Words   |  4 Pagesresources motivate us to develop a robust biblical finance plan that integrates spending, risk management, and investment to reach our desired life goals. My financial plan will include three main sections, money management section, risk management section, and investing section. In the money management section, my husband and I made a written list of all our goals that are related to our financial lifestyle, which include securing our family’s future spiritually and financially. We want to increase ourRead MoreMaterialism And Its Effects On The United States1559 Words   |  7 Pagestendencies and thus, everyone has the potential to live unsustainably. Being materialistic is not what classifies a person as sustainable or unsustainable, it is what that person pursues with their tendencies that does so. If someone wanted to purchase a new vehicle, it would be unsustainable for them to purchase a Bentley or a G-Wagen while there are alternative, energy saving models like a Tesla or Prius. The trend that s beginning to take hold in the United States is that the more material things thatRead MoreThe Problem Solving And Decision Making Process1690 Words   |  7 PagesThere are many problem-solving and decision-making processes employed by many consultan ts all over the world in coming up with decisions of renting or buying house. We all make decisions of varying importance every day, so the idea that decision-making be a rather complicated task may at first seem strange. However, in reality, some people are much poorer at decision-making than they think (Thomas Maurice, 2008). Making a decision implies that there is more than one choice to be considered. MoreRead MoreCapital Market Of Northern Ireland Under Heavy Investment1423 Words   |  6 Pagesamount of houses that were built during this time period, due to the high demand, more money kept being pumped in by banks and other private investors to reach the number of homes that were in demand. However once the supply was more than the demand that’s when the problem was created. P1 In around 2005 time the house prices in Northern Ireland were low enough that people became more interested in buying them, the interest rate was also very low. Therefore more people now took interest in buying theirRead MoreThe Foreclosure Crisis, a Family Affair Essay920 Words   |  4 Pagesspend it appropriately is how the foreclosure crisis has deepened into a bottomless crevice. It should be made mandatory for all families to receive family counseling prior to buying a house. This way all the members of the family can understand what goes into buying a house, what will be necessary to maintain the house, not only on a monthly basis but what long term renovations will be required. Everyone in the family including the kids should pitch in for the mortgage expense so that it doesn’tRead MoreTips For Home Buyers And Sellers857 Words   |  4 Pagesunique blend of urban and suburban, along with amazing natural attractions, fantastic restaurants and food carts, and a stro ng art and music scene have lured many people away from their native homes to settle here. With the steadily growing influx of new Portlanders, the housing market has grown increasingly competitive. Whether you are a homebuyer or home seller, there are aspects of the current competitive market that you will need to navigate. According to Johnathan Smoke, Chief Economist for Realtor