Monday, February 17, 2020

Homework assignment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Homework assignment - Research Paper Example Over the years, many employers have been faced with the dilemma of having to recruit workers but they lack ideas of how to get the right person for the job. This happens in situations where someone may require a house help, mechanic, electrician and many more to work for an individual. An example of the problem is that an individual may be travelling and their car experiences a mechanical breakdown and you are unaware of how to deal with this problem. This site will help an individual get a mechanic near their location. This section outlines the approach to the problem described above. The approach is from Foster et al. [2, Sec. 6], which discusses a scenario of service-based distributed query processing using OGSA-DAI. The key idea is to make the data available to all the users via a web service with the help of Grid Distributed Query Processing Service techniques (GQPS). An adequate method of solving this problem is to create a web browser where all interested personnel can sign up and fill a form which involve entry of personal details like; location, age, profession among others (Oliver, 2005). All those who sign up will have an account with their details that will be stored in a database. The web interface will contain a search option which will enable anyone interested in getting a worker will enter the profession and a list of all those in that category of profession will be. In case the employer needs some from a particular area, he or she needs only to specify the area while searching (Converse, 2004). The design delivers a web based interface for data access. The intended deliverable of this project is the development of a site for data access search of professions in a distributed environment, which indeed will provide more opportunities for work applications in real world scenarios (Vikram, 2005). The site will also have a rating system through which service providers can be rated. This is vital information that employers

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Product and Place Marketing Activities Movie Review

Product and Place Marketing Activities - Movie Review Example Bob McDonald, Procter & Gamble’s CEO, insists the customers will prefer the higher priced better quality P & G products over the lower priced low-quality competitors’ alternatives. (, 2009). Wal-Mart’s Green Balancing Act. Wal-Mart offers its grocery-based green products in a place where the target customers can easily reach. The grocery is located in major communities. The strategic plan of the grocery is to sell organic food to the community. The current and future customers visit the nearby Wal-Mart branch to purchase Wal-Mart’s several organic food alternatives. The company cares about sustainability. By prioritizing the marketing of green products, the company is able to achieve its sustainability goals. Consequently, people who need the healthy food sources are able to travel to the next block to purchase another vegetable product (, 2010). Further, Supermarkets arrange the product choices to persuade the customers to buy more than what they really currently need (, 2009). Swagger Wagon/Toyota. The company produces a very persuasive Toyota car promotion advertisement. The promotion includes singers promoting the safety, comfort and other attractive benefits of owning the Swagger Wagon Toyota car. The singers dance to the melody of the song. The promotion advertises the car’s benefits for the Mom, Dad, and children. The male singer represents the child-caring dad. The female singer depicts the wife or mother who feels the car helps the mother’s resolve her determine whether the children are safe. The promotion, advertisement shows the Swagger Wagon Toyota car helps ensure the safety and location of the young child (, 2010). Next, Rosco emphasizes K-9 dogs are used to determine if the cast iron is high-quality products (, 2009). Exotic Car Rentals Rev Up. Gotham Dream Cars offers reasonable car rental rates.The company offers