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Composition and Seperations Essay

When a kernel of popcorn is heated, pressure builds and, depending on the percent of water in the kernel, the kernel pops open and popcorn is produced. The percentage of water in each kernel differs between brands of popcorn. If the steam produced fails to pop the kernel, the kernel becomes hard and burns. The purpose of Part 1, â€Å"Popcorn Composition†, of the â€Å"Composition and Separations Lab was to determine whether premium popcorn brands display desirable qualities when measured and compared with cheaper brands of popcorn. The experimental relevance of Part 1 of the experiment was to demonstrate the effects of water in a popcorn kernel when heated and converted to heat. Differences in water percentage determine whether or not the kernel will burst and create popcorn. In Part 2, â€Å"Separating a Solid Mixture†, the purpose was to work with supplies in the lab to separate a solid mixture of popcorn, sand, salt and iron filings into the four separate components to eventually learn the percent composition of the solid mixture. By developing a plan to separate the mixture, the group should have ended up with four separate items with weights that added up to the original weight of the mixture. The experimental relevance of Part 2 of the experiment was to learn how to separate each component in a four part solid mixture from each other. Procedure: In part 1 of this week’s lab three popcorn kernels of a one brand were given to each group. A Bunsen burner was set up by each group and the three kernels were each weighed separately on an electric balance. The Bunsen burner was then lit following the instructions given. (ch185) A 100mL beaker was obtained and filled with a half inch of clean sand. The beaker was placed on a ring stand and one kernel of popcorn was submerged into the sand. The beaker was then covered with a watch glass and heated over the Bunsen burner until the kernel popped. After popping, the kernel was removed and weighed and the moisture content was measured. This procedure occurred for all three kernels. After the moisture content of all three kernels were measured, an average was deduced for the three and written on the board. Each of the other four groups also wrote their averages for their individual brand on the board to give the class a better understanding of the differences in moisture content for each of the five brands. In part 2 of this week’s lab, a 50mL beaker was filled with a solid mixture consisting of popcorn, sand, salt and iron filings. The group then got the mass of the entire mixture and began sketching a plan to separate the mixture properly into its original four contents. First the group separated the popcorn from the mixture by using a drainer. The popcorn was then weighed. Second, the iron filings were separated using a magnet after pouring the remaining mixture onto a piece of paper. After the magnet collected all iron, the iron was scraped into a beaker and the weight was recorded. The third and final separation used a beaker and a filter paper. The filter paper was weighed and put into a filter that spilt into the beaker. The remaining salt/sand mixture was then poured into the filter paper using water to dissolve the salt. After the solution was put into the filter paper and the salt had dissolved, the filter paper and sand was dried and then weighed. After subtracting the filter paper weight from the weight of the filter paper and sand together, the weight of the sand was known. Once you had the weight of the sand, iron and popcorn, the weight of the salt was found by subtracting the three combined weights from the original weight of the mixture. To find the percent composition of each component, the weight of each was divided by 100 and, in the end, each components percent added up to 100% of the initial mixture. Results/ Data/ Calculations: Part 1: Each group determined the moisture percentage of their brand of popcorn. Table 1 shows the moisture content of each brand. Table 1: Moisture Percentage of Popcorn Brands Group Number| Popcorn Brand Used| Percent Moisture| 1| Act III| 6.24 %| 2| Food Club| 8.35 %| 3| Jolly Time| 12.2 %| 4| Orville Redenbacher| 7.47 %| 5| Pop Perfect| 6.22 %| Jolly Time popcorn was measured for weight and the moisture content was then measured. Table 2 shows the initial weights, final weights, moisture contents and percent moistures of each of the three trials performed. Table 2: Moisture Percentage by Weight of Jolly Time Popcorn Kernels Kernel| Initial Weight (g)| Final Weight (g)| Moisture Content| % Moisture| 1| 0.105 g| 0.086 g| 0.019 g| 17.8 %| 2| 0.138 g| 0.140 g| -0.003 g| -1.89 %| 3| 0.113 g| 0.106 g| 0.007 g| 6.55 %| AVERAGE| 0.109 g| 0.096 g| 0.013 g| 12.2 %| Sample Calculations: Find weight= (cupcake holder + kernel – cupcake holder) = (.263 g – .177 g) = 0.086 g Moisture Content= Initial weight – final weight = 0.105 g – 0.086 g = 0.019 g % Moisture= Moisture content x 100 Initial weight of kernel = 0.019 g = 17.8% 0.105 g Average % moisture = 17.8 + 6.55 = 12.2% 2 Part 2: The weight and eventually percentage composition was measure in a mixture of corn, iron, sand and salt and then with each component individually. Table 3 shows the weight and % compositions. Table 3: Percent composition of Mixture Material| Weight (g)| % Composition| Full Mix| 42.2 g| 100 %| Corn| 3.26 g| 7.79 %| Iron| 19.0 g| 45.0 %| Sand| 15.7 g| 32.5 %| Salt| 6.25 g| 14.8 %| Sample Calculations: Percent Composition:Initial Weight x100 Total Mixture Weight Beaker with nothing: 59. 95 g Beaker with mix: 102.1 g W/ Mix:102.1 g W/O Mix: – 59.95g 42.98 g Discussion: The experiment in part 1 was done to show that even slight differences in moisture content in popcorn make a big difference when it comes to the popcorn’s â€Å"popping† abilities. Before the experiment, the moisture content and its effect on popcorn were unknown. After the experiment each group left with the knowledge of moisture content in both preferred brands and cheap brands of popcorn. This experiment gave insight into the importance of exactness for popcorn companies pertaining to the moisture content in each kernel. The experiment in part 2 was performed to show that most solid mixtures can be separated if using the right tools. Each group had to propose a solution to separating the mixture and then weighing each of the four components afterwards to conclude if they added up to the initial weight of the solid mixture. This experiment allowed students to use their brains to separate any solid mixture that they come in contact with, which will be helpful for the future in this lab and others. Throughout the two parts of this experiment several specific errors were found and dealt with. In part 1 of this experiment several popcorn kernels were burnt and did not pop. These kernels may have affected our experiment by giving us false data, as we did not include these kernels in any final data. With burnt popcorn kernels, we were shown that the moisture content in the popcorn brand given may have resulted in one of the â€Å"cheap† brands given. In part 2 of our experiment, the initial weight was supposed to be taken before separating any part of the mixture. Unfortunately, the initial weight was skipped before the popcorn was separated. The popcorn then had to be put back into the mixture and the mixture was then weighed for the initial weight. This may have affected the final data, although it was a small error. In part 2 another error occurred when the group began to separate the salt and sand in an incorrect manner. This, however, did not affect final data, as the salt would have been eliminated anyway. Conclusions: The goals in this experiment for part 1 were to determine the moisture content in a brand of popcorn, compare the given brand with others in the lab and then find out if moisture content affects the ‘popping’ or corn and which brand or brands has a better likelihood of popping (i.e. preferred vs. cheap brands). In part 2 of the experiment the goals were to separate a solid mixture and then find the percent composition of each of the four materials within the mixture. The average moisture percentage for Jolly Time popcorn was 12.2 %. To get to this point, the group popped three separate kernels and found the moisture percentage for each and then averaged them. The percent composition for part 2 of the solid mixture was 7.79 % for corn, 45.0 % for iron, 32.5 % for sand and 14.8% for salt. These measurements added up to the 100% solid mixture and the weights added up correctly. References: Ch185. How to Light and Adjust a Bunsen Burner. (accessed Feb 12, 2013). Composition and Separations. (accessed Feb 12, 2013) Guidelines for Laboratory Reports (accessed Feb 12, 2013)

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Korean Society At A Glance Essay

South Korea is located in the northeastern region of the Asian continent and occupies the southern region of the Korean Peninsula. It was established in 1948 after the splitting of Korea between the United States and the former USSR (U. S. Department of State, 2008). After the formal split of Korea, 4 million people from North Korea transferred to South Korea. This sudden increase in population was partly compensated within the next 40 years by migration from South Korea to Japan and the United States. However, many of those who emigrated eventually returned to South Korea (U. S. Department of State, 2008). South Korea possesses one of the most ethnically homogenous cultures in the world. Except for a small Chinese population, almost the entire Korean population has a common culture and language (U. S. Department of State, 2008). Half of South Korea’s population actively practices their religion. Christianity and Buddhism dominate the religion of South Korea. Only 3% consider themselves as Confucians and the remaining 1% practices the traditional religion of Shamanism and Chondogyo (U. S. Department of State, 2008). Imperialism in South Korea Imperialism had a major impact in the development of 20th century Korea. With some assistance from the US and Great Britain, Japan conquered Korea in 1910, which ended the latter’s existence as an independent state. Aiming to establish its own Empire, Japan modified Korean economy in order to manufacture its own agricultural products. Korean peasants were forced to leave their lands and by 1930s and 1940s, majority of Koreans were working in the mining or manufacturing sector of Manchuria, Japan, and Korea (Hart-Landsberg, 1989). Elite Korean nationalist movements staged the March 1st Independence Movement against the colonizers but to no avail as their attempt resulted to a violent suppression by the Japanese. The leaders of the uprising had no choice but to either leave the country or embrace Japanese rule (Hart-Landsberg, 1989). Ethnic Groups In South Korea South Korea is considered as one of the world’s most ethically homogenous nations. Koreans descended from the Neolithic people who migrated to the Korean Peninsula from the northeastern portion of mainland Asia (Peterson, n. d). Consisting the biggest minority group in South Korea are people with Chinese descendants. Local residents include an increasing number of foreign nationals, including migrant workers from South and southeast Asia, entrepreneurs, diplomats, and other professionals from various parts of the world (Peterson, n. d).

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Blank TAO Form

This is an application for a temporary assessment order for the following purposes (FL, 2008; Davis, 2011 and Powell, 2001). To facilitate the authorization of an officer of the law to contact the child and establish whether there is cause for intervention Authorize certified and procedural medical examination or suitable treatment for the affected child Facilitate the entry Of a police office to access the premise and perform survey and search locations where the child is suspected to be, and determine whether apprehension is necessary or not.Authorize the police officer to place the hill in custody in the order of the office in order to ensure that the needs of the child are taken care of. Direct the parent not to influence the upbringing of the child through restriction to contact Direct that the parent should have supervised contact with the child, with the name of the specified person outlined in the order. The grounds on which this application is made include the following. Lac k of access to nutrition is sufficient grounds for application of the TAO (Davis, 2014 and CPA 1999, 2014). The parents of the child have failed to provide access to nutrition for the child.From the findings, the child appears too small for her size, and the susceptibility to common infections originates from the weakened immunity system. The Notified doubts whether the children get three meals a day owing to the ill health and physique of the children. As indicated by the principal who is a figure of authority, has observed that Michelle appears to display signs of malnutrition. In addition to withdrawal and sadness, the child has failed to carry lunch for school in an institution where parents are expected to cater for that (FL, (2008).Davis, 201 1). In addition to that, the lack of hygiene Secondly, lack of access to a tranquil environment for normal growth has affected the ability of Michelle to bond and attach, and calls for a TAO. The parents of the child have tendencies which disturb normal structure for a child that age (Davis, 2014). As a dependent, the child requires a reliable system for play, growth and education. This is lacking due to the existence of a life style that is governed by substance abuse, criminal activity, delinquency, traffic offenses, violence, and misdemeanors.The constant presence of the police indicates that neighbors have lost good will with the patients, making t impossible for neighborhood participation in the growth of the children. In addition, the prevalence of domestic violence creates unfavorable environment for the progression of the children (FL, 2008), since they are sometimes left on their own as the parents clear the issues with the authorities. As the firstborn, Michelle is faced with a challenging task of parenting and ensuring that her brother is taken care of.Third, lack of support for education, growth and development for Michelle (Cooper, 2006) calls for intervention in the best interests of the child. As a yo ung person, Michelle requires role models and mentors in her life, armorial from parents and peers of the parents as well as other participants in a suitable case plan. Owing to the need for diversity and guardianship, good neighborhood relationships provide for growth and development of children, through interaction with adults and children in the family.However, this is absent for Michelle, due to the abrasive relationship between the parents and the rest of the society. The fact that the parents are not willing to take advice from neighbors and other members of society including teachers indicates dysfunctional family status. Four, the family has experienced challenges for a considerable period, actually since the birth of the first child and calls for implementation of strategies for protection of the child. Although they have managed to survive and get a second borne, Michelle has lived through hardships in her childhood.According to Powell (2001 a TAO is necessary, to provide for the establishment of whether the parents are ready and equipped to take care of the child through the hardships. Although both parents are alive, she has been exposed to challenges and limitations that propagate stunted mental and physical growth. The parents have a high sense of entitlement to decision aging and do not seem to have a way of implementing the strategies they verbally commit to. Five, there is need for protection of Michelle from the life of crime and violence.Children who are brought up under such circumstances are bound to lack certain aspects of empathy and understanding of life (Davis, 2011). At the current status, the parents have created a protective shell around the Michelle, creating lack of access to influence from professionals such as teachers and religious leaders. As result, CPA 1999 (2014) outlined that there is need for child like Michelle to get access to an environment that is eatable for children, away from the late night disturbances and exposur e to the cold nights at night.In addition to the squalid and neglected living conditions, the children lack a suitable atmosphere for survival. In addition to the mould which can propagate respiratory conditions, there is lack of basic sanitation which predisposes the children to water borne diseases. Six, Davis (201 1) pointed out medical care and preventive measures as expected from the parents is lacking owing to the pending vaccinations. The health care officials have indicated that the child failed to attend her connation sessions, which is primarily a role of the parent.

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The critical analysis on the immigration laws and policies after Essay - 1

The critical analysis on the immigration laws and policies after September 2001 - Essay Example Though it might be surprising, as she has written this essay on an autobiographical mode at a very old age, it has to be admitted that she has described a wholesome collection of debates, which existed between her and her sister Mira.Bharathi’s longing for the same kind of earlier life is reflected in this essay. She has particularly analyzed the issue of identity, which many outsiders face in an alien nation. Her narration of her earlier students life appears quite reasonable. In the sense, the sister’s aim to complete their education and their identical way of living seems to be an understandable one when compared with the controversial thinking due to the manipulation of unfavorable changes surrounding the immigrants. When she writes, â€Å"When we left India, we were almost identical in appearance and attitude. We dressed alike, in saris: we expected identical views on politics, social issues, love and marriage in the same Calcutta School accent†. [p-415-416] . For example, when Bharathi writes, that she lacked the â€Å"structure† of her native lifestyle because of her involvement in the â€Å"superficial pop culture† she means to say that those aspects were the indispensable points, which in turn are not likely to be accepted by her sister Mira. She is able to underpin the features, which distinguishes the situation of an individual who struggles to precede her life amidst identity crisis and another without paying the least attention towards that.

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Weirding the War by Stephen Berry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Weirding the War by Stephen Berry - Essay Example He also addresses other pertinent issues like analyzing whether the civil war played a part in destroying or reinforcing the cult of domesticity in America. Finally, a review of other author’s books is done to see whether they can gladly be explained by Stephen’s ‘weirding’ the war ideology (Berry, 2011). The definition of gender roles provides a description of these roles as being, the different duties assigned to an individual based on their gender. Gender is a socially constructed term used to refer to an individual’s social or legal status. Its ascription is on the basis of the biological dispositions which differentiate men from women. The antebellum attitudes affected the gender roles as seen in the three different articles. A general background appraisal of the attitudes which existed during this era clearly shows the disparities present in the gender roles assigned to different people. These disparities influenced the day-to-day interactions of different people. The formation of attitudes is as a result of influence from different factors such as, political alliances, economic status or race. For example, race influenced people’s attitudes in a tremendous way. ... The formation of political alliances also played a great role in the formation of people’s attitudes. The Southern states possessed different political ideologies from the Northern states which created tension and culminated in the start of the Civil war. One of these ideologies was; the Northern states advocated for the abolishment of the slave trade whereas the Southern states seemed to be profiting from slavery. â€Å"The Tale of the Three Kates† by LeeAnn Whites illustrates the way economic status also influenced the formation of people’s attitudes especially in relation to gender roles. The antebellum society's influence was from the male culture which affected all sectors of society. Meaning, men had the authority to own property, unlike women. Therefore, the roles assigned to men included those that allowed them to acquire property. In addition, the economic status ascribed to women depended on the status ascribed to their fathers or husbands (Berry, 2011) . All the books also attempt to analyze whether the cult of domesticity experienced some effects by the civil war. This begs the question, what did the phrase ‘cult of domesticity mean’ in the first place. It referred to the pre-existing culture of the people living in the antebellum period. It confined women to play a domesticated role which included running the households and nurturing their children. On the other hand, the men worked tirelessly striving to make a living to support their families. It was, therefore, unheard of to find women working with the men in the different industries. However, this soon changed when the war started. It destroyed the cult of domesticity by redefining the roles ascribed to people based on their gender. The women had to fill in the vacant

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Conservation focusing on Animal Extinction Essay

Conservation focusing on Animal Extinction - Essay Example People engaged in the fight for conservation, in a worthy and patriotic cause, most often try to sully their reputation by opposition, and the dramatic fervor of such opposition has constituted a major liability. It is also important to recognize that conservation neither arose from a broad popular outcry nor centered its fire on the private corporations which have often supported conservation policies. "Conservation, above all, was a scientific movement, and its role in history arises from the implications of science and technology in modern society. Conservation leaders sprang from such fields as hydrology, forestry, agrostology, geology, and anthropology It is from the vantage point of view of applied science, rather than of democratic protest, that one must understand the historic role of the conservation movement." (Hays, 1999, p 2). Therefore, conservation issues have historically offered topics of debates and one of the ongoing political controversies in the United States sinc e 1977 has been the debate concerning oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). ... Debates over conservation issue concerning drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge have a pertinent role in the understanding of Hays's view that one must understand the historic role of the conservation movement from the vantage point of view of applied science, rather than of democratic protest. The debates over this conservation issue have been in place ever since President Jimmy Carter approved a bill in 1980 for the approval of the Congress to allow drilling in ANWR. It has been one of the most-widely used issues as political device, by both the Democrats and the Republicans. The major argument against the drilling in the 1002 area of ANWR is that it would potentially harm the natural wildlife in the area, especially the calving ground of the Porcupine caribou, whereas the supporters of oil exploration in the region highlight the amount of economically recoverable oil, relating to the world oil markets. The major arguments in favor of oil drilling in the 1002 area of ANWR underlie some basic assumptions about 'Nature' and economic growth and the debates concerning the topic illustrate that the wise use of natural resources may be either technical or largely political. According to the supporters of oil drilling in ANWR, it could radically lower the price of oil, which can lead to a major economic boom, and it can be effective measure to lessen the nation's dependence on foreign oil, particularly in the Middle East. As opposed to the arguments of the critics of the procedures, they maintain that drilling could be done without disrupting the sanctuary or damaging the environment. Similarly, it can considerably help the

Complete Marketing Plan of New Invented Coffee Product, Marketing Essay

Complete Marketing Plan of New Invented Coffee Product, Marketing Competition - Essay Example In France, generally, coffee is taken as either black or with milk. There are no choices of almond, chocolate, hazelnut, etc... However, it is when Starbucks Coffee entered the market in 2004, that the French’s â€Å"coffee culture† slowly changed from roadside cafà ©s with white porcelain cups, to â€Å"on the go† coffee in white plastic cups. Also, small cafà ©s in Paris such as Columbus cafe has introduced the need of coffee in a person’s daily routine. It is especially among young people that drinking coffee has become something of a fad, and frequenting cafà ©s is something they fancy. Although it is the young professionals, and university students who enjoy drinking coffee, quite a number of the older members of the French community too, drinks coffee – however in the more traditional way of having it either black or with milk. AUP Coffee is a newly invented brand of coffee that is aimed at joining the competitive coffee market of France. It is developed as an instant, processed coffee product. Convenience is very much taken into consideration since everything today is fast-paced and considered â€Å"to go†. As humans, it is natural for us to try a thing or two that is new. If it’s good, we share the thought. If it’s bad, we still share the thought – plus a lot of criticism. France’s market of today is simply a â€Å"trial and error† type of market, meaning the consumers try a new product that looks promising, and the product’s reputation can take it from there. With the ever growing competition in the market, especially of food and beverages, products have become a fad – something like fashion, only the classics (simple and functional) lasts for decades or more. Being a small name in the industry, AUP Coffee will be competing with giants such as Starbucks, established locals such as Columbus Cafe (in Paris), and other coffee shops who, through the years, have e stablished their reputation as household names. Being a coffee

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Soft Systems Thinking vs. Hard Systems Thinking Essay

Soft Systems Thinking vs. Hard Systems Thinking - Essay Example Both have specific applications and uses for us humans who constantly learn from using these systems thinking. Systems thinking is a rather new concept and one that analyzes a given specific question relating to human systems or systems that involves humans in some other way. This study explores the various quirks and advantages of using these ways of thinking. It also explores how systems can be applied anywhere from everyday, mundane things to the most complicated problems ever. Systems thinking can be though of as a train of ideas and procedures that can help lessen our burden in problem solving if properly executed. Thus with this knowledge, a firm understanding is needed on how these systems work and function to the arrival of a solution. Given today's global problems, our world leaders have utilized time and again that systems thinking does work and the benefits outweighs the negative feedback from these. This study was. To compare and contrast the two different types of thinki ng systems and the way they influence our lives. This paper also manages to determine the details behind these concepts and also to have a better understanding of what systems thinking is all about and it's relevance to our modern society where problems are as common as anything else under thee sun. With this, all that if for you dear reader to go on and find out how these ways of thinking works. The term system is der... Also, one or more components may or may or may not have independent or alternate functions, but they are still part of the same system. Examples of systems are committees within a civic group, the various body organ systems, the ecosystem, socio-economic systems etc. Systems can either be natural such as the ecosystem and the body organ systems or they may be artificial such as electronic systems and farms ("What is system thinking" 2004). For a system to work, each of its components must work together in order to produce something. Its elements must complement each other and must have a certain synergy between them. Elements in a system may have direct or indirect relationships with each other. There are also system types that can be considered as open or closed. An open system's production and function can be influenced by the external environment or it can have an influence on the environment. A closed environment on the other hand is independent and may not be influenced by the external environment or it does not have an influence on the environment. Another classification of systems is physical and conceptual systems. Physical systems are systems are systems that exists materially that it, it has form, mass and is generally tangible. Conceptual systems exist theoretically and do not have form, mass or any other physical characteristic. Conceptual systems are often used for the visualization of certain ideas ("Sys tem", 2006). Another classification of systems is living or biological systems which are composed of living elements or organisms themselves, interacting or performing various functions as a whole. Non-living systems composed of the environment and

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Fedex Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Fedex Analysis - Essay Example Shareholders expressed their dissatisfaction, in the latest shareholders meeting, on effectiveness of management of the company’s resources. The shareholders are justified in their opinion because even though the company reported strong profitability ratios, its activity rations are very weak. Activity ratios such as days of sales receivables, days of sales in inventory, accounts receivables turnover, inventory turnover, and asset turnover ratio are too weak to warrant dissent opinion from shareholders. Ratios such as return on assets and profitability ratios are however high and should be appreciated. The company’s management of its resources is worse than that of its main competitor, FedEex, because its ratios are worse than ratios that FedEx posted on activity. In days sales receivables, for example, UPS reported values higher 300 days in its considered periods while FedEex reported 43.31 days. In order to improve the company’s situation, I can ensure implemen tation of effective marketing strategies for better turnover and introduce new policies for credit sales. As a loans officer for a commercial lender, I would approve the company’s request for a loan. I would concur with the company’s position that its stock is undervalued because of the unjustified shareholders’ opinion on the company, which may be shared by potentials investors to have adverse effects on the company’s stock prices. In addition, the buyback may improve value of its stock. Taken as a short-term loan, it will reduce strength of the company’s current ratio and quick ratio because of increased value of current liabilities when current assets remain constant. If taken as a long-term loan then it will worsen the company’s debt ratio that is already weak, below 1.0. Debt to equity ratio, which is already weak, will worsen because while the load will increase the

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Senate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Senate - Essay Example CA senators are term-limited to two terms while US senators are not. Such structural differences however, are merely superficial. The importance of the California economy to the nation’s economy makes holding a job on, for example, the agriculture committee in CA a critical job, and one on par with many US Senate committee assignments. CA senators command great respect due to their role in overseeing the critical state budget and economy. While US Senators have more formal powers due to appointment oversight roles, the structural differences between the jobs – even in light of the term limits – can be made too much of. Both jobs serve critical legislative functions. Where the real differences between the two bodies exist is found in political factors. Because the CA senate has been continuously in the hands of the Democratic Party since 1970, it is essentially a one-party system. Republicans state senators can have impact on their specific districts, but the stat ewide power is held exclusively by a single party.

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Universal rules of marketing Essay Example for Free

Universal rules of marketing Essay Describe any universal rules of marketing that might be applied to most products, markets, customers and situations.  All marketing activities have one thing in common and that is to give customers a reason to buy the companys product. One of the most important universal rules of marketing is that marketers need to find a way to break out of commodity status to meet customers needs better than competing firms. All organizations both for profit and non-profit require effective planning and a sound marketing strategy to do this effectively. The Internet has shifted the power to customers not marketers. The reason for that is, the customer has access to more information and is now able to do comparison shopping. Marketers often conduct and analyze research to see the needs, opinions, and attitudes of the customers. Marketing strategy helps companies to evaluate the usage of their strengths and capabilities to meet the needs and requirements of the market. Due to the customers constant new needs and wants, marketing is forced to continuously change and adapt to its dynamic environment. Having the right information is just as important as having the right product. Marketers have learned that by establishing a long-term customer relationship, they can increase customer sales and gain important marketing information about their customers. Having a good relationship with customers is a great benefit to have, then marketing is people driven and it is all fulfilling the needs of customers, shareholders, partners, society and the organization itself.

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King Lear Shakespeares Essay Example for Free

King Lear Shakespeares Essay Dylan Thomass Do not go gentle into that good night was influenced by William Butler Yeatss Lapis Lazuli and William Shakespeares King Lear but the villanelle bears a stronger resemblance to Shakespeares play. The attitudes toward how an individual lives in the face of impending death, explored by Thomas, are similarly examined with the portrayal of Gloucester and Lear. Dylan Thomass Do not go gentle into that good night has been noted to bear the influence of and even echo W. B. Yeats, especially Lapis Luzuli, and, secondarily via this poem, Shakespeares King Lear. One scholar notes its Yeatsian overtones (Fraser 51); another judges Thomass villanelle to have much of the concentrated fury of expression which the poetry of the older Yeats contained, but more tenderness and sympathy (Stanford 117), and goes on to say. , citing Lapis Lazuli, that Yeats described the poet as one who knows that `Hamlet and Lear are gay' (118). William York Tindall cites not only Lapis Lazuli but also Yeatss The Choice as sources (204). Another scholar seems to skip over Yeats entirely (though his own phrasing echoes line 1 of Lapis Lazuli), seeing the Grave men/blind tercet (which contains the injunction to be gay) as perhaps invok[ing] the Miltonic (Tindall also mentions Milton 205) and the effect of the phrase be gay as rather hysterical sentimentality (Holbrook, Dissociation 53); of the earlier Wise men/lightning verse, however, he says The images are merely there, histrionically, to bring in the phrase `forked no lightning to give a Lear-like grandeur to the dirge (52). I would like to propose that Do not go gentle into that good night bears a much stronger and more direct connection to Shakespeares play than is suggested by references to Yeats or to Lear-like grandeur. I would like to propose that the attitudes towards deathor, more precisely, the attitudes towards how one lives in the face of impending deaththat Thomas explores in this poemthe implied attitude his speaker attributes to his direct audience, and the one he urges be adopted in its placeare similarly explored in King Lear and dramatized in the characters of Gloucester and Lear. I also propose that the voice we hear in Do not go gentle may not be a directly lyric speaker but an obliquely drawn persona, that of Gloucesters son Edgar. Further, when read in the shadow cast by King Lear, the tone of Thomass poem grows dark indeed. Do not go gentle into that good night is addressed to Thomass father, David John, known as D. J. According to biographer Paul Ferris, D. J. was an unhappy man a man with regrets (27); born with brains and literary talent, his ambition was to be a man of letters, but he was never able to advance beyond being a sardonic provincial schoolmaster in South Wales, feared for his sharp tongue (26-33). After his first serious illness, thoughcancer in 1933A mellowing is said to have been noticeable soon after; his sarcasm was not so sharp; he was a changed man (104). As he grew more chronically ill in the 40s, mostly from heart disease and with one of the complications being trouble with his sight, the mellowing intensified: As Ferris puts it, It must have been [D. J. s] backbone of angry dignity that his son grieved to see breaking long after, when he wrote `Do not go gentle into that good night' (27), and the poem is an exhortation to his father, a plea for him to die with anger, not humility (259). The poem was first published in November, 1951, in Princess Caetanis Botteghe Oscure, on consecutive pages with Lament, a dramatic monologue spoken by an old man on his deathbed who recalls his rollicking youth and middle-age spent in the pursuit (and capture) of wine, women, and song, but who has married at last in order to obtain a caretaker, and must suffer pious comforting in his final, helpless days. (Bibliographic evidence suggests the two were also composed, or at least finalized, more or less simultaneously; Kidder 188.) In the letter to Caetani that contained Do not go gentle, Thomas remarked that this little one might well be printed with [Lament] as a contrast (qtd. in Kidder 188). As Ferris suggests, it would be difficult to over-estimate D. J. s influence on his son: . . . the pattern of [Dylans] life was in some measure a response to D. J. Thomas and his wishes. For the early books that Dylan Thomas read, the rhythms he absorbed, and probably for his obsession with the magic of the poets function, he was indebted to D. J. (283). Prominent among those early books read by Thomas are the works of Shakespeare. In 1948 (and Thomas might have begun his, as usual, protracted drafting and revision of Do not go gentle in 1945, after D. J. suffered a nearly fatal illness; Tindall 204), Thomas wrote a journalist that D. J. s reading aloud of Shakespeare seemed to me, and to nearly every other boy in the school, very grand indeed; all the boys who were with me at school, and who have spoken to me since, agree that it was his reading that made them, for the first time, see that there was, after all, something in Shakespeare and all his poetry. . . (qtd. in Ferris 33; his ellipses). That Thomas was familiar with and admiring of Shakespeare is, of course, no surprise, but his direct linkage of his father with Shakespeare, particularly at this point in time, is interesting, and he demonstrated more than familiarity with King Lear: In 1950, during one of his reading tours in America, he spent an evening with novelist Peter de Vries (who would later use Thomas as the basis for the poet Gowan McGland in Reuben, Reuben) and, among other conversational gambits, declaimed some Lear (de Vries, qtd. in Ferris 233). That he was equally well-immersed in Yeats is verified by the fact that poems by Yeats were among those he performed on his 1950 tour of

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The History Of Cnc Machines

The History Of Cnc Machines Before the advent of NC machines, operator had to manipulate the hand-wheels, levers, cams to make parts. This way the ability of the operator to make the parts with required narrow tolerance was limited. There were all possibilities of some variation resulting into variation of the axis dimensions resulting into poor fittings or wastages. The productivity of the worker was low so it was a dire need to operate the machine automatically. Earlier a series of cams were put to use to move the tools as an attempt to automate the process. Though they were tedious to set but once set it gave good precision, which were what later on known as Swiss machines or precision machines. (Wildes 1985) MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory gives a good account of pioneering effort on development of numerical control of machine tools, which is as under (History of the MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory). A significant postwar project that began in 1949 and continued and evolved through the 1950s was the work that led to numerical control of machine tools. Under a contract with the Parsons Company of Michigan, William M. Pease and James O. McDonough designed an experimental numerically-controlled milling machine which received directions through data on punched paper tape. The first working model of a continuous-path numerically-controlled milling machine was demonstrated in 1952. Further research was then carried out under the sponsorship of the U.S. Air Force. Subsequently, the laboratorys Computer Application Group, led by Douglas T. Ross, developed the Automatically Programmed Tool Language (APT), an easy-to-use, special purpose programming language. Eventually, APT became the world standard for programming computer-controlled machine tools. Parsons NC Milling Machine After World War II, Parsons was busy in developing rotor blades for aviation industry. For its complexity involved in shape, it was an uphill task to achieve precision, which was an utmost requirement. With his connections with an IBM computer, he realized that it is quite possible to produce accurate contour guides, which was hitherto difficult with manual calculations. Soon he received a contract with Air force to supply an automatic contour cutting machine for production of large wing section pieces for aircraft. He successfully developed a machine, which produced parts with accuracy and precision required by the aviation industry. Meanwhile, MIT researchers were doing developmental work with various kinds of control processes. They had already done some work with Air Force Projects during World War II. With the active association of MIT, Parsons experimented with servomotors to the x and y axis and successfully controlled them using computer that read punch-cards to process instructions. This made possible to machine complex shapes required for aviation industry. With a manual milling machine it was never possible and that is how he developed the NC milling machine. (Olivo 1987) After most pioneering efforts by Parsons and MIT researchers the ball set rolling for further growth and development of NC/CNC in the later years to come. CNC Generations Broad CNC generations classification can be done with regard to the development of CNC machine as under (CNC-Web-handout): 1952 1st generation NC, The first NC controlled machine for metal processing (relays and electronic tubes) 1960 2nd generation NC, relays and electronic tubes was replaced with transistors. 1965 3rd generation, integrated circuits 4th generation NC CNC (computerized numerical Control CNC Machines) In the first and second generation NC machines, controller received a set of instructions known as programme consisted of alphanumeric characters. Through these instructions, controller regulated the motions of a machine tool such as a lathe, milling machine, cutter. Preparation of programme was done with the very basic computers and then made available to the controller via a tape. At that time, Magnetic tape recorders and floppy disk drives were used for storage and recording purposes for the programme and as such no direct links were provided between the computer and controller. Controllers tape reader used to read these recorded programmes. For the purpose of debugging the programme and correcting the errors, it was necessary to have a new tape and several of such tapes were needed before an error-free programme was made. Further, for any modification or engineering changes one was forced to prepare a new tape and so on. (Siegel 1956) Historical Events in the Evolution of NC/CNC Machines Let us peep into the past for more specific developments in reference to NC/CNC machines, its components and important accessories, which culminated into the modern day CNCs. 1950- MIT servo mechanism lab developed Numerical Control (NC) milling machine 1952-Parsons filed for a patent on Motor Controlled Apparatus for Positioning Machine Tool. The date was 5 May, 1952 1953- Using a magnetic-tape playback system, a digital control system named Numericord was developed in April 1953 by joint effort of GL, MIT and General Electric Co. (Cuttingtoolengineering 2005) 1955- NC machines commercial version was on display at Chicago Machine Tool Show. In the show, several NC machines were on display, which were punched cards or punched paper tapes driven. (Cuttingtoolengineering 2005) 1955- IBM developed automatic tool changer. (Cuttingtoolengineering 2005) 1955-Numericord NC5 was found into operation at GLs plant at Fond du Lac, WI. (History of Computer Aided Manufacturing) 1956- A year of automatic programming of NC machining. 5.1 APT Developed Douglas Ross made pioneering efforts to put automatic programming of NC machining. Being a mathematician at MIT, Ross had gone to the ServoMechanism Laboratory to work with computer systems for high-speed data processing. His research converged to the development of the Automatically Programmed Tool (APT) system. (Upping Input Speed: automating NC. Cuttingtoolengineering 2005,) Ross believed that programmer should be able to convey his or her machining instructions in a simple English kind language, which is at times rational and can be modified based on experience. Thus, Ross had removed the last significant technological impediment to utilization of NC by the manufacturing industry on a broad scale. The development of APT was a major turning point in the evolution of NC, because it settled once and for all the issue of whether or not NC could be made economically viable in the light of programming costs, Reintjes said. Justifiably then, the APT language became the U.S. standard for programming NC machine tools in 1974, and became the international standard in 1978. (Upping Input Speed: automating NC. Cuttingtoolengineering 2005) 1957- GL introduced its first 5-axis Variax NC profilers. (History of Computer Aided Manufacturing) 1957- GLs (Giddings and Lewis Machine Tool Co) produced first miller (History of Computer Aided Manufacturing) 1957- A year of first CAM software system, an NC programming tool named PRONTO. Farnum, Gregory (2005) distinctly quotes contribution of Dr. Patrick Hanratty and term him as a father of CAD/CAM and categorically mentions, Then theres the guy who is often called the father of CAD/CAM, Dr.Patrick Hanratty. Among other contributions to the field, Hanratty, in 1957, developed the first commercial CAM software system, an NC programming tool named PRONTO. Of course, if one can digitally create patterns in space to guide a machine tool, one can do the same thing for other machinery as well, a fact that wasnt lost on the fledgling robotics industry and builders of other types of industrial equipment. Thus, the direct link between CNC and CAM. 1958- The first commercial NC machining centre with an automatic toolchanger and automatic work positioning. The company was Kearney Trecker Corp., Milwaukee and product was Milwaukee-Matic II. (Makely 2005) 1960- First controller with transistor technology introduced. (Groover 2007) 1960- Direct Numerical Control (DNC) eliminated paper tape punch programmes and allowed programmers to send files directly from computer to machine tool controller. (Groover 2007) 1963- A true CAD software, namely sketchpad, evolved. (Cuttingtoolengineering 2005) 1965- CAD drafting and the sculptured surfaces developed (Cuttingtoolengineering 2005) 1967- Use of integrated circuits (ICs) in NC reduced 90 percent components and 80 percent wiring connections. (Groover, 2007) The use of integrated circuits can be considered as a major breakthrough in the evolution of CNC machines as mentioned by Makely (2005) as per the following. But true maturity in NC development, according to Paul Warndorf, vice president of technology at AMT-the Association for Manufacturing Technology, didnt come until the development of integrated circuits replaced vacuum tubes with more efficient, more reliable. (Numbers Take Control: NC machines Cuttingtoolengineering 2005) 1968- First machining centre by Kearney and Trecker (machine tool builders) marketed. (Groover, 2007) 1970s- CNC machine tool developed. (Groover, 2007) Farnum (2005) describes how CAD could make the application of CNC machine tools for variety of applications. He states: As the 70s progressed, the increasing power of computers, and the introduction of lower-cost minicomputers, made CAD accessible to a wider array of users. A host of CAD companies, many of them still in existence today, arose to meet the growing demand. This trend was furthered by the emergence of powerful UNIX workstations and PCs in the early 1980s, along with the growing power of the CAD systems themselves. Today, its hard to imagine a manufacturing firm without a CAD/CAM system or the ability to transfer digital data to CNC machine tools. (Farnum 2005) 1972- Major development of the CAD/CAM machines evolved (Minimizing Movement: multitasking. Controltoolengineering 2005) The development on CAD/CAM made possible multitasking on CNCs, thus improving the productivity to manifold. Jim Cordier, a veteran of 48 years in engineering and customer service at Hardinge Inc., Elmira, N.Y., said multitasking evolved because you wanted to do more and more with one setup. If you do a part complete in one setup, you made a more accurate part and did it quicker. (Numbers Take Control: NC machines. Cuttingtoolengineering 2005) 1976- 3D CAM/CAD systems were introduced (History of Computer Aided Manufacturing) 1980s- Graphics based computer application developed. (Groover, Mikell P.2007) 1989- Expert CAM/CAD systems were developed (History of Computer Aided Manufacturing) 1997- PC window based Open Modular Architecture Control (OMAC) systems introduced to replace firmware controllers. (Groover, 2007) A History of 5-Axis CNC Machines When someone tries to trace the history of 5-Axis Machine, it goes to even before NC as Herrin (1995) tries to convey in his article History of 5-axis machining. The some of the excerpts is mentioned from his above article. The history of 5-axis machining goes back even before NC. My first exposure to it was in 1958 on a project funded by the U.S. Air Force for the purpose of evaluating the feasibility of 5-axis machining. Cincinnati Milacron, then Cincinnati Milling Machine Co., was awarded a contract to build and test an electronic tracing version of a 5-axis vertical mill. He further describes that four major technologies that were critical to the success of 5-axis machines are: machine, control hardware, control software, and part programming software. He further opines that considerable improvement in the computer hardware is the reason that has made CNC designers to provide for advanced capability to meet the requirements of 5-axis applications at a reasonable cost. (Herrin 1995) 6.1 Why 5-axis Machines Three axis CNC machines define its ability to perform the task and movement along the three different axes simultaneously. Those are X, Y, and Z. Axis parallel to the tool spindle is known as Z axis. Three axis CNC machines work on sculptured or tapered surfaces. It is not possible to work on the complex jobs like tapping, internal holes on complex surfaces with variable curvatures. Certain limitations of three axis machine forced the developer to think about the five-axis machine which has varied application in myriad of industries. Five-axis machines are built by adding two axes that rotate around either Y or Z axis. There are mainly three types of 5-axis machines. (A). A Dedicated 5-axis Machining Centre. The biggest drawback with such machines is that their range of motion is limited to +/- 30 degrees. When it is needed to have steeper angle of cut, manual intervention is required. They are not as rugged as three-axis machines (B). A Tilting/Rotary Table Type A tilting-rotary table is mounted to the bed of a (three-axis) CNC machine. They are available in the market for several years. Advantage is that they can be used by small and big shops alike for many machining jobs. The good thing is that it provides possibility to tilt the part at various angles and thus machining is possible at various sides of the part resulting to the real five-axis machining. However, tilting-rotary table machines exert limit on workpiece with regard to its width, weight, length, height. Besides, tilting tables are very large and cover up host machines working space in large amount. At times, it reduces the work space by as much as 75 percent. They are good for smaller parts. They pose a difficulty in holding the part when heavy cutting operations are to be carried out. Size of the workpiece and its weight pose a limitation for machining in these types of machines. (C). Spindle Head Attachments Type The major benefit of a spindle head attachment is that it has full access of the machining centres working envelope. There is no restriction on the size of the workpiece required to be machined. They are fully programmable and any three-axis machine can be converted to a real five-axis machining centre. It is possible to add tilting capability of +/- 90 degrees. It can also have full rotary motion of 360-degree. The attachment can convert any 3-axis machine to 5-axis machine in less than 30 minutes. Since this head attachment is portable, it provides flexibility and rigidity of three-axis machine and work well for machining of variety of jobs. Because this unique head is portable and can be mounted in less than 30 minutes, it allows the owner to benefit from the accuracy and rigidity of the three-axis mill for significant metal removal then mount the attachment to complete five-axis profiling, holes, pockets, etc. The cost is similar to that of the larger tilt-rotary tables. 6.2 The Benefits of Machining with Five Axes It eliminates a need to have multiple setups for refitting the workpiece at different angles. This definitely saves time and reduces errors. It also eliminates the need to have costly fixtures, tooling for holding the workpiece in place. The complex jobs like tapping, internal holes on a complex surfaces can be machined that are otherwise not possible. Five-axis technology also eliminates multiple setups required to re-position the workpiece at complex angles. This not only saves time, but greatly reduces errors and costly tooling and fixture expenses required to hold the workpiece in place. It also provides the ability to machine complex parts that are not otherwise possible-including holes, pockets and tapping required to be normal to a complex surface. To a mold maker, it provides following benefits. Machining time greatly reduced by using a flat bottom end mill by using full diameter of the cutter Side milling of the angled surfaces can be done with less number of passes on the complex surface. Much better surface finish can be achieved eliminating ribbing from ball-nose end mills. Cut down time and labour on manual millwork/handwork required to clean up convex or concave kellered surfaces. Why CNC Became so Important? Swamidass (2002) has distinctly defined the need of CNC machines stating: A CNC machine tool is a self-contained machine, where the tool-cutting movements, spindle speeds, tool exchange and other operations are controlled by a part programme executed by the computer controlled based at the machine tool. The machine design which holds the tool used to cut into the work piece. Conventional machine tools (lathes, drill presses, milling machines) are not computer controlled. The operation is done by skilled craftsman. There can be variations to dimensions on parts made on a conventional tool. The elimination of this variation is one objective (benefit) of automating the discreet part production process. The Historic Developments and Its Significance on CNC Machines It is important to understand that why all these mile stone achievements were so significant in overall evolution of CNC machines. Let us take some of them. 8.1 CNC Control A programme is interpreted by CNC Control. It activates the series of commands in given sequence and will initiate required function, set motion for axis and carry out necessary instructions mentioned in the programme. This amply proves that how important controller is in overall functioning of the CNC machines. State-of-the-art present day CNC Controls carry out several other functions like editing the programme due to some error. It also has a dry run to check and verify the correctness of programme. Moreover, it also allows operator to provide certain important inputs separate from the programme such as tool length values. In short, it controls all the functions of the machine and keeps track of it as and when needed. 8.2 Changing the Tool Automatically Centres have capacity to hold many tools in a tool magazine. As per the requirement tool can be automatically placed in the spindle for machining. 8.3 Spindle Speed and Activation The spindle can be turned in a forward and reverse direction and speed can be notified in RPM. When required, it can be turned off. 8.4 CAM System For a simple application, the CNC programme can be developed manually by operator, which is also the best way to develop the programmes. When it comes to more complicate applications, it becomes tedious and difficult to write the programme. There comes a CAM (a computer aided manufacturing) system into picture. CAM is a software programme, which runs on a computer and helps CNC programmer to complete the programming process. It can also work with CAD developed by the companys design and engineering department. Machine operator has to specify the machining operations and based on that CAM will have created the CNC programme as if it is written manually saving time, effort and complexities of the functions. (Momingstar 1993) DNC System Once the programme is developed, it is required to be loaded into the CNC control. But when available memory on CNC controller is not sufficient to accept the programme then the need of DNC (distributive numerical control) comes into the picture. It was like a computer device that used to be connected to one or several CNC machines. However, with the advent of PCs during the 1990s ended the utility of DNC controls. (Momingstar 1993) Current CNC Machines Todays CNC are much faster and offers automation features, which were never heard before. With modern machining centre axis-positioning requirements have specifically increased and tool management functions have become more complex. This forces to have far greater processing power to manage many complex functions. Caussin (1999) has given a very good account of the controls that CNCs are capable for and they are described as under: 9.1 The Heart of CNC-Motion Control CNC machines are known for their automation, precision and consistent motion controls. CNC machines use motion control in a way, which can be called as revolutionary. Motions could be either linear or rotary. In conventional machine tools, these motions are caused by the use of cranks and handwheels. But the programmed commands initiate the motion in CNC machines. The motion type, motion rate (feed rate), motion type and which-axis-to-move all that are programmed with CNC machine tools. A CNC command conveys the drive motor to rotate specific number of times, which causes the rotation of the ball screw. The ball screw, in turn, moves to the linear axis. A feedback device confirms that specified number of rotations have taken place. . 9.2 CNC Speed and Feed Rates Now a days, dual processors or even parallel processors are in demands to increase the processing speed. It can notify the broken tools and necessary inspection can be done at machine centre itself. Parallel processors are employed to increase the speed of complex task. It is capable to change the feed rates based on the spindle load parameters. This reduces the required processing time. Further, depending upon the actual tool load, it can control and monitor the feed rate so as to avoid any damage to the tool. A feed rate will also determine when to change the tool when it reduces to the less than certain percentage of the normal. 9.3 Voltage Fluctuation and Loads They can also monitor voltage fluctuations to decide if a tool has broken. CNC can locate if some catastrophic problem is there with the tool and it will shut down the process. 9.4 Probing It can probe in a variety of ways to reduce setup time, as many controls have number of setup features like diameter offsets and tool length. That is to say that with an automated tool offset feature, it can set offsets for number of tools in a few minutes. Probes also facilitate setting the Z fixture offset automatically for speedy processes. It also allows setting for the X-Y axes automatically by imparting an appropriate programmeme. While machining a casting, it is required to verify the datum point and there also a probe will save considerable time. A feature known as rotation searching will probe the casting and work out the angle of difference and rotate the programme accordingly. Off line inspection of parts is a time consuming process but here also CNC will allow the use of a probe and verify its measurements. By probing a part it can also ascertain tool wear for its replacement. CNC can be programmed so that the tool will be probed as part of the machining cycle. It is so automatic that as the tool touches the probe, the next tool is loaded and the machining goes on. If it does not touch the probe then programme stops further machining. 9.5 Better Axis Synchronization State-of-the-art technology of the present day CNCs offer better control and make possible the synchronization of the Z axis with the spindle and rest of the system. That results into the possibility of rigid tapping which delivers high level of accuracy. Perfect synchronization between X-Y and Z axes makes helical interpolation possible so that very cost-effective threading on holes over 1 inch can be carried out. It also makes possible threads in blind holes, pipe threads and threads in holes in odd-shaped parts. 9.6 Connectivity Present day CNCs offer possibility to communicate with other processors. This saves a lot of time of the operator to set communication parameters from his PC to the machining centre. Nowadays CNCs offer the capacity to connect to the internet. Companies with global operations are greatly benefitted from this so that they can transfer their programmers to other locations. So todays CNCs provide a very high level of automation. Any skillful operator can use all the the features to increase his own and companys productivity. The Future of CNC The future development of CNCs will always depend upon the other technologies, which are developing simultaneously. Even innovators like John Parsons and others never thought of the present day achievements of CNC machines. At that time, they could not have visualized in their dreams that we would have colour graphics, high speed mega hertz microprocessors, touch screen CRTs and so on. Similarly it is difficult to visualize for us now how new technologies will develop in the next 20-30 years. However, one common factor that can be described is a need based development and innovation, which will not only continue but will have an accelerated pace. Vonasek (2009) interviewed many industry experts and described some of the possible future developments, which can be listed as under. CNC machines with more integration toward loading and unloading systems. Integration between CAD programmes and the CAM software for the machine, making connection between workpiece production and actual product development more feasible. More energy efficient and increased productivity. Faster and more powerful drive systems with even greater accuracy. CNC routers with more application Conclusions As science will make inroads in artificial intelligence, it is quite likely that future CNC machines will turn more and more user friendly but that will come with a cost attached to it. The sophistication will bring many new features but affordability will be a big question for many small and medium sized companies. However, in all likelihood basic CNC machines with 3-axis movements will be a preferred choice for common applications, which do not come under purview of high-tech areas. The future of CNCs is extremely exciting and rewarding. It can be said that CNCs have always been the back bone of engineering industries and will remain like that for future years to come.

Analyzing Love in Ovids Metamorphoses :: Ovid Metamorphoses Essays

Analyzing Love in Ovid's Metamorphoses There are many differences in the behavior of the lover and the rapist characters of the Metamorphoses. " The standard markers of a love relationship include the initial 'love at first sight' scene, often followed by a personal elegy of the loved one's heightened qualities." (Chen) When one falls in love, everything about that person is wonderful and beautiful, including their inner being as well. The admirer uses frequent and excessive metaphors and compliments to describe the favorite: " He looks at Daphne's hair as,unadorned, it hangs down her fair neck, and says: "Just think,if she should comb her locks!" He sees her lips and never tries of them; her fingers' hands' and wrists are unsurpassed; her arms-more than half-bare- cannot be matched; whatever he can't see he can imagine." (Ovid p.900) Daphnes 'unadorned' hair already enchants Apollo, and dreaming it all made up would simply be breathtaking. " Certainly, the next detail, that Daphne's eyes sparkle like stars,clues us into the fact that Apollo is in love. The difference between love and lust, however, is that to the one in love, that person is truly beautiful both physically and on the inside, but the to the one that is lustful, that person is just a mere sex object. For example, in the myth of Io and Jove, Jupiter never comments about Io's beauty, but only that she would make some lucky male happy in bed. " Another defining attribute among many of Ovid's love-struck protagonists is their loss of rational control,as believably characteristic of a person in the heights of love." (Chen) For example, while Dapne is fleeing from him, Apollo asks her to slow down before she hurts herself. He even suggest that he will slow down too, so that she doesn't need to go so fast. But when she doesn't, all he does is speed up. In trying to talked to the loved one, the shunned lover uses any rhetoric available, whether rational or irrational, because often the lover is so overtaked by love that reason fails him. "Such irrationalities in thought lead to special pleading, inconsistency in bargaining, and ultimately failure to convince the adored one. Analyzing Love in Ovid's Metamorphoses :: Ovid Metamorphoses Essays Analyzing Love in Ovid's Metamorphoses There are many differences in the behavior of the lover and the rapist characters of the Metamorphoses. " The standard markers of a love relationship include the initial 'love at first sight' scene, often followed by a personal elegy of the loved one's heightened qualities." (Chen) When one falls in love, everything about that person is wonderful and beautiful, including their inner being as well. The admirer uses frequent and excessive metaphors and compliments to describe the favorite: " He looks at Daphne's hair as,unadorned, it hangs down her fair neck, and says: "Just think,if she should comb her locks!" He sees her lips and never tries of them; her fingers' hands' and wrists are unsurpassed; her arms-more than half-bare- cannot be matched; whatever he can't see he can imagine." (Ovid p.900) Daphnes 'unadorned' hair already enchants Apollo, and dreaming it all made up would simply be breathtaking. " Certainly, the next detail, that Daphne's eyes sparkle like stars,clues us into the fact that Apollo is in love. The difference between love and lust, however, is that to the one in love, that person is truly beautiful both physically and on the inside, but the to the one that is lustful, that person is just a mere sex object. For example, in the myth of Io and Jove, Jupiter never comments about Io's beauty, but only that she would make some lucky male happy in bed. " Another defining attribute among many of Ovid's love-struck protagonists is their loss of rational control,as believably characteristic of a person in the heights of love." (Chen) For example, while Dapne is fleeing from him, Apollo asks her to slow down before she hurts herself. He even suggest that he will slow down too, so that she doesn't need to go so fast. But when she doesn't, all he does is speed up. In trying to talked to the loved one, the shunned lover uses any rhetoric available, whether rational or irrational, because often the lover is so overtaked by love that reason fails him. "Such irrationalities in thought lead to special pleading, inconsistency in bargaining, and ultimately failure to convince the adored one.

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scarlet letter essay :: essays research papers

What is the cuase for an extreme obsession? Why is it that occasionally, someone will become so obsessed with an object or idea that it corrupts their personality? In the novel The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne illustrates a character by the name of Chillingworth who shares in that same type of obsession. After his wife, hester, has an affair with a minister, Aurther Dimmesdale, he poledges to have vengeance . despite his wife’s unwillingness to rreveal her partner, He Chillingworth’s corruptive obsession is also the cause for the change in his physical appearance. Throughout the novel Chillingworth’s physical appearance fluctuates dramatically. At the beginning of the novel he is portrayed as a loving man and the reader often felt sympathy for him due to his wife’s affair. As time progresses, Hawthorne shows a remarkable change in his appearance due to the overwhelming time and energy in conducting the ultimate devise to bring evil upon Dimmesdale. At this point, Chillingworth’s obsession has surpassed the norm. His constant thoughts of revenge deepen the evil into his heart to a point where it consumes and alters his personality. He is no longer the man who was very religious and innocent. He now is corrupt and has nothing else on his mind other that to spread evil. His face grows uglier by the day as his fixation engulfs him, â€Å"†¦how much uglier they were,-how his dark complexion seemed to have grown duskier , and his figure more misshapen.† (Hawthorne77). Chillingworth’s face has changed due to the evil that has now grown inside him. He has held these feelings too long and it is now beginning to alter his appearance. He blames Dimmesdale for what he has now become because the once handsome and loving man he once was is now corrupted by the power or evil that fills his head. Chillingworth’s change in appearance was from the source of wickedness that had buried itself into his soul. When his life hangs only by this obsession, his fate is suspended by the man whom he feels it towards.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Chillingworth’s ultimate plans for revenge are ruined when Dimmesdale finally confesses the sin which he kept secret for so many years. Chilligworth wants nothing less than for Dimmesdale to suffer with his secret until he dies. The only way that Dimmesdale could have escaped out of the unbreakable grip of Chillingworth’s claws was through the scaffold.

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Augustus   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The history of the Roman Empire is one filled with warfare and deception. After the defeat of Carthage and the Gaul the Roman generals began to vie for power. Even after the murder of Cesar was avenged the fighting would not end. It was only after Anthony and Cleopatra were defeated at the Battle of Actium that a certain peace settled over the Roman provinces. The man responsible for this peace is Octavian, later known as Augustus. To commemorate his many achievements a statue of him was made after his death. Using the contraposto pose, the all around relief, various symbolic shapes Plykleitos, the artist of this statue, creates an inspiring image of the great general.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Romans took a lot of their art styles from their Greek neighbors. One of the most common ways to depict someone was to put them in a contraposto pose. In this method the figure is shown in movement rather then in a stiff Egyptian style portrait. In this artwork Augustus leans forward and raises his right arm as if to address his troops. Many of the Roman political leaders had to constantly give speeches and the art of the oration was one that every royal member had to learn. Exactly what Augustus is preaching here is still a matter of controversy but most scholars agree that it has a relation to a military matter.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Another characteristic of this artwork that is Greek-like is relief and the proportion. The Greeks had set rules for the size of the body parts and the Romans simply copied them. Many politicians favored showing perfect images of them selves to impress the general public. This artwork is also in full relief. It was meant to be seen all around and not just from the front.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Augustus is also shown with shapes in his chest armor and cupid beside his leg. The little God is meant to symbolize the connection between the Julii family and the goddess Aphrodite. Octavian is often cited to have traced his lineage to this goddess.

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Survey: Question and Respondents

I decided to do my survey on Pizza and people’s views about the food. I asked my respondents 3 fairly simple questions about how they viewed Pizza. The first question I asked was a simple Yes/No question asking them whether like they like Pizza or not. Secondly, I asked them what they favorite kind of pizza was (i. e. Pepperoni, Hawaiian, etc. ). Lastly, I asked my respondents to rate Pizza on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being least favorite food, 10 being their favorite food). The results I found were quite interesting. I published my survey on Fluidsurveys. com and you can see it here if you’d like http://fluidsurveys. om/surveys/gary-8S/pizza/. I selected my respondents through my Twitter account, in which I tweeted asking my followers to take my survey, as well as direct messaging them with the link to my survey. With that being said, my survey would be random if everyone living in the US was following me on twitter, instead I got 28 responses from my 270 followers. So I wouldn't say my survey was random unless the population was strictly the people who follow me on Twitter, and even then they choose to take it so it must have interested them just like the internet polls.As we begin to look at the results this survey has produced we see that of the respondents, 17 of them said that Pizza was a 6 or higher on their respective rating scale. The survey produced an average of about 5. 74, meaning Pizza is slightly above an average food as there isn't any significant data suggesting that it's really good or really bad according to the survey. Since a 5 on any scale from 1-10 would be an â€Å"average† food as it's in the middle and not extremely good or bad.They were a few outliars as a few people put that it was a 2-3, and a few others put that it was a 9 even had one person put a 10. Now my comment/essay answers were far from essays as no answer I received was more than 5 words long. With that being said my results could easily be broken down into 3 separate categories of people. One of which is the people who are the â€Å"meat lovers†, these people said that their favorite kind of pizza was one that had (at least) one of the following meats on it: Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, or Bacon.These people tended to rate pizza higher on the scale as there wasn't a rating below 6 from this Sub-sample. Next we had the group of the original Cheese pizza people, these respondents weren't so friendly in their ratings as to the ratings went as low as a 2 and up to a 7. This group had the most variety of the 3, and the biggest range going from 2 to 7. Lastly we have the exotic group, which has the least number of respondents of the three. This group includes anyone who chose a pizza that wasn't one included in the meat lovers, or cheese group.Pizzas in this group consisted of: Hawaiian, Buffalo Chicken, Barbeque Chicken, Veggie Lover, etc. Although this sub sample size was smaller than the other two it brought the average of the wh ole sample up significantly with its average being a 7. 38. * Population- Everyone in the USA * Sample- 28 of my twitter followers * Statistic- 23/28 (82. 143%) people said yes, they do like pizza. * MOE= +/- 12% * Parameter- Actual % or # of people who like pizza. So upon further sampling we expect approximately 80% of our intervals to contain the true parameter.I'm not saying that I'm 80% sure that the parameter lies within 70-94% in any way, instead I'm saying if we continued sampling long enough that eventually 80% of our intervals would in fact contain the true parameter. Now if I were to increase the confidence level up to 95% my MOE would increase up to 19% making my new interval 63-100% so there's more room for error and we can be more confident that if we continued sampling, the parameter is far more likely to lie within our intervals.

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Management: Paying for patching Essay

Patch software has been designed to assist with updating computer programs and fixing a wide range of computer related problems. At the same time, patching has also been designed to update a computer’s supporting data. This is normally done in an attempt to make better the performance of a computer. Patch management involves the process of strategically planning and deciding on which system, the exact patches to use on these systems and at what time (Andress, 2006). Over time, many software companies like Microsoft have resorted to enabling their customers to be able to use patch securely as a free software. In XP SP2, Microsoft made updates that enabled its customers choose to allow Microsoft make automatic background updates on their computers. Such technology companies have also come up with strategies that continuously evolve in attempt to ensuring that their customers do not have to pay for basic patch management which provide security to the entire server farm. As a result, getting a management to allocate money to pay for patching has become a difficult task given the fact that such software companies offer patching for free to all their customers (Semilof, 2004) Additionally, patching has been configured in a relatively simple and consistent manner which can be used in businesses which have simple and constant configurations. As a result, getting the management to allocate funds in order to pay for patching becomes hard since the updates configurations are simple and efficient in handling computer affected systems. For instance, when the environment is more complex, Windows update have made provisions and improvements on already existing software so as to allow the customer be able to use their free updates to fit the different IT environments (Semilof, 2004).

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Violence, Gender and Elder Abuse

Women and Violence Professor Guelakis November 1, 2010 Violence, Gender, and Elder Abuse Elderly abuse has not been researched enough. There has been recent expansion on the research of abuse of the elderly. However, it is still lacking adequate theory because there has not been enough research done, data collected on why it happens, or the characteristics of the abuser and victim. Women are predominantly the victims of elder abuse and men the abusers. However, there has not been a firm definition of what elderly abuse is. Some experts suggest that elder abuse should be included in the definition of domestic abuse.Experts have found in their studies that women are the majority of the physically abused where men were the larger average of elderly individuals who were neglected. However, many experts also state that focusing on the definition of elder abuse is counterproductive in focusing on the issue that women are the majority of abused victims. Feminist theorists have failed to pro duce enough data here, although they have the expertise to contribute to this research. One of the main problems with elder abuse is the failure to acknowledge it as a form of real abuse.The ‘caregiver’ is already excused by be given this label as the ‘carer’. There is also the focus on the elder individual as the catalyst to the abuse, by pushing the carer to his or her limits. The elder individual is seen as overly dependent and adding stressors to the caregiver. ‘Granny-battering’, as elderly abuse was once called, has turned into a closer look at the perpetrator and his characteristics instead of the victims. Experts say that more attention should be placed on the predisposing factors, such as drugs, alcohol, and dependency.Spouse and child abuse research has been found to have similar pathological characteristics to elder abuse. Social norms support elder abuse against women in that women are dependent on caregivers financially, practicall y, and emotionally. There is little information, however, on the strategies, tactics, or coping skills because the victims have not been heard. Unfortunately, the lack of research, along with the â€Å"denial and inability† to recognize elder abuse has made it difficult to gain knowledge and accomplishment with this very valid form of abuse.

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Vampire Academy Chapter 14

FOURTEEN I CONTINUED SPYING ON LISSA over the next couple of days, feeling mildly guilty each time. She'd always hated it when I did by accident, and now I did it on purpose. Steadily, I watched as she reintegrated herself into the royal power players one by one. She couldn't do group compulsion, but catching one person alone was just as effective, if slower. And really, a lot didn't need to be compelled to start hanging out with her again. Many weren't as shallow as they seemed; they remembered Lissa and liked her for who she was. They flocked to her, and now, a month and a half after our return to the Academy, it was like she'd never left at all. And during this rise to fame, she advocated for me and rallied against Mia and Jesse. One morning, I tuned into her while she was getting ready for breakfast. She'd spent the last twenty minutes blow-drying and straightening her hair, something she hadn't done in a while. Natalie, sitting on the bed in their room, watched the process with curiosity. When Lissa moved on to makeup, Natalie finally spoke. â€Å"Hey, we're going to watch a movie in Erin's room after school. You going to come?† I'd always made jokes about Natalie being boring, but her friend Erin had the personality of dry wall. â€Å"Can't. I'm going to help Camille bleach Carly's hair.† â€Å"You sure spend a lot of time with them now.† â€Å"Yeah, I guess.† Lissa dabbed mascara across her lashes, instantly making her eyes look bigger. â€Å"I thought you didn't like them anymore.† â€Å"I changed my mind.† â€Å"They sure seem to like you a lot now. I mean, not that anyone wouldn't like you, but once you came back and didn't talk to them, they seemed okay ignoring you too. I heard them talking about you a lot. I guess that's not surprising, because they're Mia's friends too, but isn't it weird how much they like you now? Like, I hear them always waiting to see what you want to do before they make plans and stuff. And a bunch of them are defending Rose now, which is really crazy. Not that I believe any of that stuff about her, but I never would have thought it was possible – â€Å" Underneath Natalie's rambling was the seed of suspicion, and Lissa picked up on it. Natalie probably never would have dreamed of compulsion, but Lissa couldn't risk innocent questions turning into something more. â€Å"You know what?† she interrupted. â€Å"Maybe I will swing by Erin's after all. I bet Carly's hair won't take that long.† The offer derailed Natalie's train of thought. â€Å"Really? Oh wow, that would be great. She was telling me how sad she was that you're not around as much anymore, and I told her†¦Ã¢â‚¬  On it went. Lissa continued her compulsion and return to popularity. I watched it all quietly, always worrying, even though her efforts were starting to reduce the stares and gossip about me. â€Å"This is going to backfire,† I whispered to her in church one day. â€Å"Someone's going to start wondering and asking questions.† â€Å"Stop being so melodramatic. Power shifts all the time around here.† â€Å"Not like this.† â€Å"You don't think my winning personality could do this on its own?† â€Å"Of course I do, but if Christian spotted it right away, then someone else will – â€Å" My words were interrupted when two guys farther down the pew suddenly exploded into snickers. Glancing up, I saw them looking right at me, not even bothering to hide their smirks. Looking away, I tried to ignore them, suddenly hoping the priest would start up soon. But Lissa returned their looks, and a sudden fierceness flashed across her face. She didn't say a word, but their smiles grew smaller under her heavy gaze. â€Å"Tell her you're sorry,† she told them. â€Å"And make sure she believes it.† A moment later, they practically fell all over themselves apologizing to me and begging for forgiveness. I couldn't believe it. She'd used compulsion in public – in church, of all places. And on two people at the same time. They finally exhausted their supply of apologies, but Lissa wasn't finished. â€Å"That's the best you can do?† she snapped. Their eyes widened in alarm, both terrified that they'd angered her. â€Å"Liss,† I said quickly, touching her arm. â€Å"It's okay I, uh, accept their apologies.† Her face still radiated disapproval, but she finally nodded. The guys slumped in relief. Yikes. I'd never felt so relieved to have a service start. Through the bond, I felt a sort of dark satisfaction coming from Lissa. It was uncharacteristic for her, and I didn't like it. Needing to distract myself from her troubling behavior, I studied other people as I so often did. Nearby, Christian openly watched Lissa, a troubled look on his face. When he saw me, he scowled and turned away. Dimitri sat in the back as usual, for once not scanning every corner for danger. His attention was turned inward, his expression almost pained. I still didn't know why he came to church. He always seemed to be wrestling with something. In the front, the priest was talking about St. Vladimir again. â€Å"His spirit was strong, and he was truly gifted by God. When he touched them, the crippled walked, and the blind could see. Where he walked, flowers bloomed.† Man, the Moroi needed to get more saints – Healing cripples and blind people? I'd forgotten all about St. Vladimir. Mason had mentioned Vladimir bringing people back from the dead, and it had reminded me of Lissa at the time. Then other things had distracted me. I hadn't thought about the saint or his â€Å"shadow-kissed† guardian – and their bond – in a while. How could I have overlooked this? Ms. Karp, I realized, wasn't the only other Moroi who could heal like Lissa. Vladimir could too. â€Å"And all the while, the masses gathered to him, loving him, eager to follow his teachings and hear him preach the word of God†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Turning, I stared at Lissa. She gave me a puzzled look. â€Å"What?† I didn't get a chance to elaborate – I don't even know if I could have formed the words – because I was whisked back to my prison almost as soon as I stood up at the end of the service. Back in my room, I went online to research St. Vladimir but turned up nothing useful. Damn it. Mason had skimmed the books in the library and said there was little there. What did that leave me with? I had no way of learning more about that dusty old saint. Or did I? What had Christian said that first day with Lissa? Over there, we have an old box full of the writings of the blessed and crazy St. Vladimir. The storage room above the chapel. It had the writings. Christian had pointed them out. I needed to look at them, but how? I couldn't ask the priest. How would he react if he found out students were going up there? It'd put an end to Christian's lair. But maybe†¦maybe Christian himself could help. It was Sunday, though, and I wouldn't see him until tomorrow afternoon. Even then, I didn't know if I'd get a chance to talk to him alone. While heading out to practice later, I stopped in the dorm's kitchen to grab a granola bar. As I did, I passed a couple of novice guys, Miles and Anthony. Miles whistled when he saw me. â€Å"How's it been going, Rose? You getting lonely? Want some company?† Anthony laughed. â€Å"I can't bite you, but I can give you something else you want.† I had to pass through the doorway they stood in to get outside. Glaring, I pushed past, but Miles caught me around the waist, his hand sliding down to my butt. â€Å"Get your hands off my ass before I break your face,† I told him, jerking away. In doing so, I only bumped into Anthony. â€Å"Come on,† Anthony said, â€Å"I thought you didn't have a problem taking on two guys at the same time.† A new voice spoke up. â€Å"If you guys don't walk away right now, I'll take both of you on.† Mason. My hero. â€Å"You're so full of it, Ashford,† said Miles. He was the bigger of the two and left me to go square off with Mason. Anthony backed off from me, more interested in whether or not there'd be a fight. There was so much testosterone in the air, I felt like I needed a gas mask. â€Å"Are you doing her too?† Miles asked Mason. â€Å"You don't want to share?† â€Å"Say one more word about her, and I'll rip your head off.† â€Å"Why? She's just a cheap blood – â€Å" Mason punched him. It didn't rip Miles' head off or even cause anything to break or bleed, but it looked like it hurt. His eyes widened, and he lunged toward Mason. The sound of doors opening in the hall caused everyone to freeze. Novices got in a lot of trouble for fighting. â€Å"Probably some guardians coming.† Mason grinned. â€Å"You want them to know you were beating up on a girl?† Miles and Anthony exchanged glances. â€Å"Come on,† Anthony said. â€Å"Let's go. We don't have time for this.† Miles reluctantly followed. â€Å"I'll find you later, Ashford.† When they were gone, I turned on Mason. † ? ®Beat up on a girl'?† â€Å"You're welcome,† he said drily. â€Å"I didn't need your help.† â€Å"Sure. You were doing just fine on your own.† â€Å"They caught me off guard, that's all. I could have dealt with them eventually.† â€Å"Look, don't take being pissed off at them out on me.† â€Å"I just don't like being treated like†¦a girl.† â€Å"You are a girl. And I was just trying to help.† I looked at him and saw the earnestness on his face. He meant well. No point in being a bitch to him when I had so many other people to hate lately. â€Å"Well†¦thanks. Sorry I snapped at you.† We talked a little bit, and I managed to get him to spill some more school gossip. He had noticed Lissa's rise in status but didn't seem to find it strange. As I talked to him, I noticed the adoring look he always got around me spread across his face. It made me sad to have him feel that way about me. Guilty, even. How hard would it be, I wondered, to go out with him? He was nice, funny, and reasonably good-looking. We got along. Why did I get caught up in so many messes with other guys when I had a perfectly sweet one here who wanted me? Why couldn't I just return his feelings? The answer came to me before I'd even finished asking myself the question. I couldn't be Mason's girlfriend because when I imagined someone holding me and whispering dirty things in my ear, he had a Russian accent. Mason continued watching me admiringly, oblivious to what was going on in my head. And seeing that adoration, I suddenly realized how I could use it to my advantage. Feeling a little guilty, I shifted my conversation to a more flirty style and watched Mason's glow increase. I leaned beside him on the wall so our arms just touched and gave him a lazy smile. â€Å"You know, I still don't approve of your whole hero thing, but you did scare them. That was almost worth it.† â€Å"But you don't approve?† I trailed fingers up his arm. â€Å"No. I mean, it's hot in principle but not in practice.† He laughed. â€Å"The hell it isn't.† He caught hold of my hand and gave me a knowing look. â€Å"Sometimes you need to be saved. I think you like being saved sometimes and just can't admit it.† â€Å"And I think you get off on saving people and just can't admit it.† â€Å"I don't think you know what gets me off. Saving damsels like you is just the honorable thing to do,† he declared loftily. I repressed the urge to smack him over the use of damsels. â€Å"Then prove it. Do me a favor just because it's ? ®the right thing to do.' â€Å" â€Å"Sure,† he said immediately. â€Å"Name it.† â€Å"I need you to get a message to Christian Ozera.† His eagerness faltered. â€Å"What the – ? You aren't serious.† â€Å"Yes. Completely.† â€Å"Rose†¦I can't talk to him. You know that.† â€Å"I thought you said you'd help. I thought you said helping ? ®damsels' is the honorable thing to do.† â€Å"I don't really see how honor's involved here.† I gave him the most smoldering look I could manage. He caved. â€Å"What do you want me to tell him?† â€Å"Tell him I need St. Vladimir's books. The ones in storage. He needs to sneak them to me soon. Tell him it's for Lissa. And tell him†¦tell him I lied the night of the reception.† I hesitated. â€Å"Tell him I'm sorry.† â€Å"That doesn't make any sense.† â€Å"It doesn't have to. Just do it. Please?† I turned on the beauty queen smile again. With hasty assurances that he'd see what he could do, he left for lunch, and I went off to practice.

Total Economic Value of a Public Park Case Study

Total Economic Value of a Public Park - Case Study Example Though it is a short project, but I had to be careful in case of collecting information and applying them properly. My lack of knowledge and shortage of information were great limitations for this work, but the Park authority helped me very much by providing disc losable information. But they didn't disclose some confidential information, which is part of their business policy. I am very grateful to our instructor who has given me the opportunity to do the project that has enriched my knowledge, skills, and practical experiences on a mentionable place of a distinctive country. OVERVIEW OF KINGS PARK: Perth City is Western Australia's central business district. Kings Park is located on the western edge of Perth. It is a 4.06 square kilometers (1003 acre) park having mixture of: Grassed parkland; Botanical gardens and Natural bush land on Mount Eliza. The streets of Kings Park are another symbol of peace. They are lined with individual plaques. The plaques are dedicated by Western Australian Service men and women's family members, who died in World War I and World War II. Other than the tourist facilities and attractive sites, Kings Park also has: The State War Memorial; The Royal Kings Park Tennis club and A reservoir. Basically, it is assumed that the Kings Park is one of the profitable Parks in Western Australia. Because according to specialists, the places, which are situated in the centre of countries or districts, are more or less seem to be profitable. Kings Park is sort of that, but in some cases it could be better. HISTORY OF KINGS PARK: Officially the Kings Park was opened on 10 August of 1895. At the beginning, it was named Perth Park. People believe that the name was like... Officially the Kings Park was opened on 10 August of 1895. At the beginning, it was named Perth Park. People believe that the name was like that by its district where it is situated. In 1901, it was renamed as Kings Park to mark the concurrence of King Edward VII and the visit to Perth of George to the British throne. May Drive, one of the major roads, was named in the Princess's honor. Kings Park’s this kind of honor is rare in Park’s history. For this reason it gained and still now gaining fame and likings of people.New York's Central Park is smaller than Kings Park in size. Though New York’s Central Park seems to be bigger than Kings Park, but actually it doesn’t. No park was designated for public use in Australia before this one (in 1872). Australia's largest wildflower show and exhibition take place in Kings Park during September to October of each year. In Australia, rarely any park has this kind of arrangements for public entertainment. By identifyi ng the land to set aside for public, General John Septimus Roe (colony's first surveyor) recognized the qualities of the area and tried to protect it from any kind of disasters. Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority does not work under any Local Government sector. Since 1999, Kings Park has been administered by that authority. They also administer Bold Park. The administration building of Kings Park provides the options where the visitors can book guided walking tours, gather information, or reserve one of the facilities.

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Euthanasia and the right to choose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Euthanasia and the right to choose - Essay Example Conservative people, although they use individual rights as part of their principles, do not believe in the right to die, seeing life as too valuable. On the contrary, liberal people typically see the right to die as a matter of personal choice and a good option for those who do not desire to continue living. Of course, to talk about these applied ethical issues, one needs a grasp of underlying normative ethical theories (asking â€Å"what is good?† in general), instead of relying solely on an intuitive grasp of what is good in this particular situation. There are a number of perspectives to consider in the issue of assisted suicide; from each of these viewpoints, assisted suicide is a moral practice that ought to be upheld. The discussion of assisted suicide is divided between those in favor, those opposed, and those with some position in between. For the purposes of this essay, the only answers to the question of assisted suicide’s ethical foundation are â€Å"ethica l† and â€Å"unethical†. Those who believe assisted suicide is ethical tend to believe that the practice, if put into law, is not morally problematic and that it should be allowed to occur. Likewise, those who believe the opposite tend to believe that if any case of assisted suicide is allowed, dire circumstances will result. ... rk is the duty every human being has to not kill another human being; this means that no matter what the circumstances are, or the consequences, it is immoral to kill another person. Because this duty is universal and non-conditional, it is quite clear in its application to the issue of assisted suicide. A different moral theory, which is quite different from deontology, is utilitarianism. â€Å"Utilitarians take a rather different perspective†¦ their rules are based on some calculation of the consequences of decisions or actions† (Feinberg and Feinberg 185). In other words, it is only the consequences of the action that matter, not the duty one has to another person. Under this theory, if a suffering person requests assistance in their suicide, then the moral action is to help him kill himself, since that action would ease that person’s suffering and thus lead to the greatest good. If one accepts the utilitarian view of ethics as the truth, the argument for assist ed suicide is quite clear. Since assisted suicide is a very situational, or circumstantial, issue (that is, the conditions and diagnoses of doctors are often unclear), it does not make sense for a deontologist to cite a moral rule that applies in all situations, when that theories has no knowledge of the variety of different situations other people have to live with. Because the utilitarian can evaluate cases of assisted suicide on a case-by-case basis, without calling the practice immoral in itself, he or she has more freedom to address the issue fairly. The applied ethics debate over euthanasia is typically framed around the normative claim of its permissibility, which is then followed by objections and responses launched from those who find it to be a morally reprehensible act. Nevertheless, we are faced